Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Jean Batten and Amelia Earhart

Today Jericho and I completed Jean Batten and Amelia Earhart timeline.

Monday, 28 November 2016

Jean Batten Information Report: Concluison

LI: to write a concluding paragraph.
Today for writing we had to write down a conclusion for the introduction about Jean (Jane) Batten. 
Jean Batten

Jean batten was an well known person in NZ.
She is one of the people to make New Zealand famous.
She made NZ and herself famous by breaking the record to first fly solo from England to New Zealand in 1936. She broke Amy Johnson's records. Her parents are Ellen Batten her mum and Frederick Batten her dad. She was awarded the Harmon Trophy three times (1935, 1936, 1937). In her flight she faced a big problem which was a sandstorm. Than she faced another problem which led to her death and that problem was a dog bite. I feel sad about death and also happy for her awards.

Inquiry: Balloon Experiment

Today for Inquiry we had done an experiment with balloons. I worked with Liam, Zane and Affonso.
The attempt that had the most distance was attempt 1 and 2 because they both had 2/3 and the attempt that had the least was Attempt three, four, six, seven, eight and nine.

Time Line: Richard Pearse and Wright Brothers

L.I: to scan for key information. 
LI: to skim texts for general ideas.
Today Jericho and I complete our reading task for week 8.
Our reading task was to create a time line and see who created the first powered plane and I think it is Richard Pearse because he built and flew his plane in march 31 1903. 

Maths Week 8: Travel Measurement

L.I:to understand units of measurement
L.I:to investigate units of measurement
Today for maths Mr Oglive's groups had to create their own map,
and measure places that you want to go in Km, Kilo Meters.

 Link To Map
FromTommcmMkmThumbs Witgh Thumbs Lenght
Panmure BridgeSrilanka1089500000010895000001089500010,89554475000002723750000
Australia India795000000079500000019500007,95039750000001987500000
India China321300000032130000032130003,2131606500000803250000

Tables Conga 9x

This is my can do for today

Tables Conga 7x

This is my can do for today

Blog Commenting : Freeman : Wright Brothers

Today for blog commenting I decided to do Freeman's blog.
I commented on his Wright Brothers presentation.
If you want to have a look at his blog this is the Link. Link
If you want to have a look at The Wright Brothers presentation this is the link. Link

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Parts of a rocket

L.I: Explain each part of a rocket using an annotated diagram.

This week for our inquiry lesson with Mr Oglive we had to write down definitions for parts of a rocket. I got help from two people one is my siblings and the other is my friend from school and they are my sister and Joshua W. My sister (Saruja) helped me with the backgrounds, some extinction and Etc. Joshua W help me with giving me ideas to build, make or create the rocket. There will be text guiding you in slide 3. Enjoy.

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Jean Batten Introduction

Jean Batten

Jean Batten was a New Zealand aviatrix Born in September 15th 1909 and Died in November 22 1982.

She died of problem following dog bite. She became famous for beating Amy Johnson’s flight record by 14 days. She was a well known new Zealander in the 1930. She is also became the first women to fly a solo flight from England to Argentina. She became famous in the 1930’s. Jean batten was the first person to fly from England to New Zealand in 1936. Jean battens Nationality was new Zealand

LI: to write an informative introduction.
This week we had a look back for last term's writing topic which was information report, and today I had finished of an introduction on our favourite aviator or aviatrix. We had to do an Aviator or an Aviatrix because it is part of our Inquiry. For our aviator or aviatrix I picked Jean Batten because she is a New Zealander and well known person in New Zealand in the 1930's.

Rockets : Lesson 2

For Inquiry we were learning about rockets. First we were about to play a game but we couldn't play it on our chrome books because we needed to download Unity Web Player we can't download then on our chrome books so all of Mr Oglive's Inquiry group had turns on his computer.

Reading : Biograpy

1 Biography

  • Amelia Mary Earhart

Date of Birth:
  • July 24 1897

Place of Birth:
  • Atchison, Kansas, U.S


  1. Flew a solo plane across the atlantic ocean
  2. Awarded the distinguished flying cross.
  3. July 1921 - Bought first plane, the Kinner Airster (named “The Canary”)

Other information:

  • June 17-18, 1928 - First woman to fly across the Atlantic; 20hrs 40min (Fokker F7, Friendship)
  • October 22, 1922 - Broke women's altitude record when she rose to 14,000 feet


2 Biography

  • Jean Batten

Date of Birth:
  • September 15, 1909

Place of Birth:
  • Rotorua

  1. Broke Amy Johnson’s speed record.
  2. She became the best-known New Zealander in the 1930’s
  3. She became the first women to fly a solo flight from england to Argentina.

Other information:
  • Jean Batten is an Aviatrix
  • Her full name is Jane Gardner Batten

This week for reading Mr Wongs (Learning Space 1 Teacher) Groups had to make a biograpy based on Amelia Mary Earhart (Amelia Earhart) and Jane Gardner Batten (Jean Batten). 
Did you know that Jean battens real name was Jane but then people started calling her Jean.

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Classroom Measurement

LI to understand units of measurement
LI to investigate units of measurement

This week for maths our task was to create a thump ruler and get also get a real ruler. Then we had to go off a measure things or objects in our class room. First we did the table, then we did the chrome book's width, chrome book's Length and Etc. We had to measure item using the Centimeter ruler and Thumb ruler. After we did the centimeter we had to find out Millimeter, meter and Kilometers for an object.

Chrome Book W300300.0030.000317.5
Chrome Book L190190.0190.001911.5
shoes 250250.0250.00255.4
Popsicle stick110110.0110.00112.5

Monday, 21 November 2016

Tables Conga: 8 times table

This is another tables conga can do for this week. 

Blog Comment

This weekend I've been reading Jack's amazing Explanation report and I really like it.
Then I decided to comment on his blog.
This is the comment. If you want to go to his blog and see his amazing work the link is under the sentence.                                                                 Jack's Blog Link  
This is the screenshot that I took.

Tables Conga

This is Tables conga a can do for this week.

Friday, 18 November 2016

Inquiry: Epic Rap Battle: Jean Batten and Amillia vs The Wright Brothers and Richard Pearse

This week for Inquiry we had to make a rap battle Aviators vs another Aviators.
I worked with Jack, Joseph, Rachel and Aiden. The scripts were written for Jack, Rachel, Aiden and me but today Aiden went Napia in New Zealand so he couldn't do the rap but Abdurrahim decided to take over Aiden.

Tables Conga

Today I did a table conga can do

Average Weather In Auckland New Zealand

LI to accurately interpret data

LI to accurately present data
This week for maths we had to find out the average weather in Auckland NZ. I got help from Jack and Joseph.

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

What are Plane Explanation Text

What Are Planes?

On March 31 1903, Richard pearse was the first person to fly a aircraft successfully. On December 17, 1903, Wilbur and Orville (Wright Brothers) made four short flights at Kitty Hawk in North Carolina with their first powered plane.

Some planes are used for transportation and there are also military planes. There are many different kinds of plane and some of them are
pre 1914 plane, Gliders, rotorcraft, NA 40 Bongo and etc.

There are four forces of flight in a plane and they are the Lift, Drag, Thrust and weight.
Drag is the smooth force that dislike an aircraft's motion through the air. Drag is generated by every part of the airplane even the engines.

All planes need wings but helicopter don’t need wings because they have the propellers.
A plane needs small wing to get thrust but if a plane needs more lift it will need bigger wings.

As you can see that are not just used for transportation they are also used for military.

L.I: To learn the purpose of an explanation text & to learn the structure and language features of an explanation text.
Today I had finish my writing must do. We had to create our own explanation text.

Key Word Summarizing

Text: The High Fliers

Read the text and record key words/phrases that answer these questions:

Who? Richard pearse, Point school in Nelson Yr 6, 7, 8 students

What? Build a replica of a plane, act and Film

Where? Auckland, Point school in Nelson

When? Story based in the past tense

Why? Tv advertisement on favourite hero

How? Materials were donated, Students studied prize winning advertisement.
It took 3 weeks to make the plane,

Summarise the text in 25 words:



L.I: to summarise the main idea from the text
Today I had completed a task based on summarizing.
I had to read a text called High Fliers and find words with goes under the What, When, Where, Who, Why and How. 

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Word Web

L.I: To find words related words
Today we had to read a text called The High Fliers.

What is word web.
Word web is a presentation that Mr Wong (Teacher) created.
It is used for finding lots of words similar to the word that we find hard.

Blog Commenting

This is my blog commenting for today.

Friday, 11 November 2016

the mannequin

Today Learning Space 1 teacher Mr Oglivie decided to do a Mannequin. 
It was really fun and I had to hold on to my breath.

Table Conga

Today for a can do I did Tables conga.

How does a Plane fly

L.I: To infer Information using Clue and Prior Knowledge.
This week for reading we had to read a text called How do Airplanes Fly.
I needed to write down the Page number, What I think, Proof and my Knowledge in the presentation above.

Amy Johnson Flight

 Click On the Picture
Click on the Picture.

Favourite Ice Cream in Learning space 1

This week for Math we had to ask people in Learning Space 1 about their favourite Movies, Games, T.v Show and Etc. The topic is our choice. I wanted to do the Ice Cream Flavours.

As you can see that Cookies and Cream are the most favourite flavour, then the chocolate flavour which is the second favourite, the third favourite flavour is Mint Chocolate Chip, Straw Berry and Other ( Other Ice cream Flavours) are a tie in 4 favourite and the least favourite flavour is the Hokey Pokey

Manaiakalani Flim Festival: Blog commenting on room 1's blog

This is a blog comment on room 1's great movie. 
I really like song. I think that the person who wrote the song is really good at music.

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

The Mysterious Island

          The Mysterious Island
“Hooray, It my birthday today”, shouted Johnny as he jumped out of his bed and “bang” he strike his head right through the ceiling. “Ouch” he cried. Slowly he put his hand against the ceiling and pushed the ceiling hard.
As his head got released from the ceiling, he heard his parents calling him, “Johnny, come here” they both called. “Come on Jimmy” said Johnny.

As they walked down the stairs they saw 2 tickets in Johnny’s dad’s hand. Then Johnny and Jimmy raced down the stair, “Are we going to the movies, wof wof wof,” they expressed. “No we are… going to Australia” they said. “Fine, hooray anyway” shouted Johnny.
They packed their luggages and got ready go to Australia.

“Wait a minute, are we going on a boat or plane?” questioned Johnny. “Hmm, I think boat. Johnny and Jimmy dashed into the car and put their seat belts on. “Finally we have reached our destination, The harbor” said Johnny’s Dad.

Johnny and Jimmy jumped out of the car and had a peek at the Titanic, “Wow” Johnny Expressed.
“Johnny, were are not going on the Titanic” said Johnny dad, “Then how are we going to get there” shouted Johnny. “That why we arranged a yacht only for us” said Johnny’s mum.
“Where is it?” asked Johnny.

Then Johnny turned around and in front of him he saw a yacht. “Are we the only ones going on that yacht?” asked Johnny. “YES!!” shouted Johnny’s dad excited. They walked into the yacht
and they sat on the chairs. After a few hours the yacht got uncontrollable and Johnny’s family looked out the window… and “Tornados” screamed Johnny. Johnny jumped, while everyone was screaming. “A r e   w e   g o i n g   
d i e” Cried Johnny.  They all fainted.

When they woke up they felt sand under them. “What, where are we” cried Johnny reluctantly.
“We are in an Island” said Johnny’s mum, “what an Island. Then they started walking, “Mum look, there is a big hole ” said Johnny. “Let's Go” they all replied. It took them a few minutes and finally they got out.

After they got out of the hole they look up and “Wow” they all said, “Flying small Island, beautiful plants and flowers” Johnny started talking to himself. They all heard a buzzing noise “Buzz Buzz Buzz, ahhh a be be big beee” they screamed. “Wait it’s friendly” said Johnny,
“What’s under my leg” Johnny’s dad said
“It a small small elephant” said Johnny’s Dad.
“Everything is upside down Elephants supposed to be big but it’s small and Bee’s supposed to be small but they are big. Let’s find more fantastic things.

They waked meters and meter and then they saw humongous rocks “come on let’s climb” said Johnny’s dad “wait, don’t move” whispered Johnny “we are not climbing on rocks we are climbing on lizard eggs,” said Johnny “Jump and run a humongous humongous humongous Lizard” Johnny’s dad shouted and they all started to run.

After they ran a few miles the Lizard was still chasing them but then a huge log of wood tied in rope came a smashed the Lizard “ Pow, Bang”
They all look up sunshine flashed into their eyes “wait a minute is that Grandpa!!!” shouted Johnny while hugging him. “We thought you died a plane crash” Johnny’s dad said “well I survived it” said Johnny’s grandpa. “Hey let’s take the submarine that I built and get back home” said Grandpa excitedly. They got in the submarine a headed back.

Today I finished of a narrative called the The Mysterious Island. It's about a boy called Johnny and his family. One morning when Johnny woke he was exited because it was his birthday. They decided to go to Australia in a yacht but in the middle of the sea the yacht got out of control and Johnny look out and he saw Tornado. Find out what happens next in the story.