Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Fence Post - Maths

Today during maths we were to finish off tasks we did not finish either this week's tasks, or the previous weeks tasks. In this problem we needed to find out how many corner posts and regular posts would Savelina have to buy to enclose two adjacent paddocks. We found this task quite easy and hard at the same time because there were some bits that we struggled with, like writing a blurb in the DLO. Although in the end we solved it. We learnt a new word, adjacent. It means something or someone next to each other. For this activity, I worked with Jack, Sanujan, and Ofa.

Maths - Fraidoon & Alex - Salary

This week for maths we are busy finishing off work and posting it on our blog. For one of our maths task we were given a maths problem about salary. I worked collaboratively with Jack, Ofa and Julian. At first we were doubting each other of which answers we were right or wrong. Then we went over the maths problem with Ms Kirkpatrick. At the end we were all wrong but we learnt a lesson by Occam Razor that If there is no evidence to the contrary, the simplest answer is correct. In this problem we tried to add up all the big numbers without using the calculator and and after we've got our answers it turned out to be right. I think next time we need to agree with each others opinions.

Travel To School Data - Maths

This week for maths, our task was to figure out this statistics problem. We found out that most primary students get to school is by car and most secondary student get to school by bus. After that we survey all the students in Ms Kirkpatrick's maths group. According to our survey most of the student in Ms Kirkpatrick's maths group get drop of school by car and the least amount of students come to school by bus. For this task I've decided to work collaboratively with Jack and Ofa.

Mathematical Me - Maths

This week for maths, our task was to blog one of the pictures we had taken for week 1's Mathematical Me activity. The picture that I chose was of me testing whether the width of Jacks nose is the same width as one of his eyes. This turned out to be a true fact, and Jack and I found this really interesting considering that everyone else had been measuring from one edge of someones nose, to the point of the nose, and finishing on the other side. Although whenever someone measured this way, it would always be false. So when we realised this, we tried to measure the width from one side of my nose, under the point of my nose to the other side. Once we had tried this strategy, we found out that this was the correct way to compare the width of an eye to a nose, and that they measure at the same width.

Monday, 21 May 2018

Writing - Fake Iphone Text

"Hey Arge!" Pike exclaimed.

"Hey Pike!" Arge replied.

"How are you?" Pike asked. 

"I'm good thank you." replied Arge. "How about you?" asked Arge.

"Same here." said Pike. "Hey do you want to hangout?" asked Pike.

"Sure!" exclaimed Arge. "Just let me know where we're meeting up" said Arge.

"Got it, the library would be auspicious" Pike concluded

Today for writing we did something very different. The task we were given, was to create a fake iphone conversation using With this website you can create fake conversation. The main reason why we did this activity was because we can revise our punctuation. Firstly we were to go on that website. Then we were to write down a name. This name has to be made up. What I meant by that, we're not allowed to pick a common name. For example "Johnny". Johnny is a name used in a many movies and T.V shows. I've decided to pick very very uncommon names. I chose, Arge and Pike.

After we've finished write down our conversation, we were to blog it in a writing format.  

Friday, 18 May 2018

Tech - Term 2 Week 3 - Tracing Our Designs

Tech today was very interesting. That's because today we've been tracing our designs to a piece to paper even though our designs were completed. The reason we've traced it, is because apart of the design process, our final design was to make our design 3D and also draw it so that other people would easily know how our finished design would be in reality. I really enjoyed doing this activity. The Design process goes like this,

Final Design
  /             \
   /                 \
3D       Drawing