Thursday, 16 August 2018

HIIT: Term 3 - Week 4

Today we had our second session for week 4 of HIIT. Unfortunately I wasn't able to post our previous session of HIIT because I did not take in it due to a injured arm. In this session we were only to do two activities. These activities are push ups and star jumps. We did at east 6 sets of each. In this session a new leader joined. It was Lyric. So in this session our leaders were Tiava, Zane, Mataio, and Lyric.

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

HIIT - Term 3 - Week 3

Today, we had our first session for the week, and the fifth session this term. Like usual we formed four lines of five. For today's session, our activities were High Knee Sprint, Tap Step, Mountain Climbers, and Star Jumps. We were to do each of these activities for 20 seconds and we had a 10 second break, however during the break we were not allowed to stand still. So we were moving around and stretching our legs and arms. In this session we were joined by the two people who run the research (Nigel and Jackie) and a representative of sports Auckland (Georgie).

Inquiry: Current Events | Pou Whenua Poles, The 1975 Maori Land March, and The Bastion Point Occupation

This week, we have been learning about New Zealand current events. These are events such as the Maori land march, and the Bastion Point Occupation. But our main focus was on Pou Whenua poles. If you don't know what they are, they are sort of like totem poles, although there are quite a few differences between the two. Pou Whenua poles are carved wooden pillars, that tell stories, and are used by Maori culture to mark territorial boundaries. There were two specific activities to do with this information, although for now I can only show one of the two. One activity that we had done with Pou Whenua Poles was to create a Venn Diagram comparing them to Totem Poles. All of these activities had to be done with a partner. So without any hesitation, Jack and I quickly made a pair. In the end, Jack and I finished these activities just in time before the deadline.

Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Why Do We Need To Sleep?

For reading our topic is Why Sleeping Is So Important. What I'm going to share with you is Why We Sleep? Sleeping is really important to our body because, during our sleep we gain energy and also it helps our bone, muscles and other body parts grow and fix injuries. If we don't get enough sleep we'd become very tired and it'll be very hard for us to focus on our work. For this task I worked collaboratively with Fraidoon, Mele, John, Fui, and Jericho. This is one part of our DLO. As we have many different questions and answers that relate to sleep.

Friday, 27 July 2018

Animator/Digital Artist - Exploring the Career

This week as part of inquiry we were learning about careers. Our task was to create a DLO. Our next step was to type down the title. For this DLO we were to put in the Maori name for the careers we chose as well. After that we were to find answers using our smart searching skills. These are the things we were to find answers for.

1. Description Of Job
2. Earning Potential
3. Qualifications / Training needed
4. Subjects you need to choose at college
5. Explanation of why this career interests you

Careers Questions

This week as part of inquiry we were learning about Careers. So Mrs Anderson gave us a site that ask us a few simple questions on what we're interested in, for example "How interested are you in work that involves: cars, trucks or other vehicles?". We were given 6 options Not Interested, Neutral, Fairly Interested, and Very interested. We received a large amount of questions, we got around 78 question. It took us around 15-20 minutes to complete this. After we've answered all the questions we were given many choices and the ones that I found interesting were Animator/Digital Artists and Mechanical Engineering. At the end we were to share our career with the class and including the salary they get per year. I found out that An Experienced mechanical engineers working in a position of responsibility such as team leader or technical manager earn between $110,000 - $180,000 per year and Animators/digital artists that work for advertising companies can earn between minimum wage and over $100,000 a year

Thursday, 26 July 2018

HIIT Training - Week 1 Term 3

This term we had our second session of HIIT. (High Intensity Interval Training) During HIIT our challenge was to get Huffed and Puffed which is also known as Pau Ta Hau. In this session we were do these following activities. We did Star Jumps, Tap Steps, and High Knee Sprints. Our goal was to do one of these activities as much as we could in 30 seconds. After 30 seconds we got another 30 seconds to calm down. However we weren't allowed to stand still, we have to be moving the whole time. Tiava and Mataio, stepped up and helped the HIIT group with the techniques and taught us some new moves we could do while we're resting. This session we did something very different from our previous session. This session we were spit into groups of five. All groups were to form a line. Each line contained about 5 students. After that when the session started, all of the students in each line were to do those activity in sync.