Friday, 28 September 2018

Willow - Film Study - Opening Scenes - Shot Types

On Wednesday, when half of Learning Space two were at Netball inter school. We were doing a Film Study about 2h 6m Drama/Fantasy movie called Willow.

Our Task
Firstly we were to go to the reading page on our class site. After that we were find a picture with a Dwarf. The follow step is to click on the image, and look for a link which says Shot Types. When we've clicked on the link we were redirected to a google document, which has different types of Camera shots. Our task was to find correct pictures from a website for each shot types. For example, for a High Angle Shot, I put an image of the Avengers looking up, since a High Angle Shot, is looking down at an object from above.
For this Film Study we created five documents, and this blog post is about Shot Types.