Friday, 29 May 2015

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Adjective Alphabet

Monday 25 May: Adjective Alphabet.


My Spelling City

Kiwi Kids News Quiz By Sanujan

This is my Kiwi Kids News Quiz. I am getting a bit better then last time. I have 10 points because and 100%

My zoo trip Recount By Sanujan

On Thursday the 7th Panmure Bridge Bridge School went to Auckland Zoo. This is my recount of my magnificent time at the Zoo.

I felt full of excitement in my body. (Alex’s mum) Emmy, (Shaliah’s Sister) Diana, Amelia (Juliet’s Aunty) and Mrs Linda came over to help us. We got split into four groups. “It’s  going be a magnificent trip,” I said to myself .

When we arrived at the Zoo, we started to take a photo under a fake Elephant. We walked along the path way. I saw giraffes that have long necks like flamingoes legs, zebra that had some sharp stripes, ostriches that were pink like berries. We were in the Pridelands. We saw springboks which looked like reindeers, lions that have sharp claws, rhinoceros that have a unicorn’s horn, cheetahs that run as fast as a car, flamingoes that have long legs the same as a chocolate sticks, elephant that were trying to eat the log. Then we went to the watering hole, to have our morning tea. I saw  baboons that have red bottoms like dark red cherries. Hippopotamus that were as fat as pigs and I also saw servals that had spots on their bodies. I saw spider monkeys that jumped high like kangaroos, a turtle that moves slow like snails, Galapagos Tortoise that were as big as black gorillas, otters that looked the same as seal babies. After that we went to see the red panda, that looked like a fox. Then we went to Band Rotunda to have our lunch.
After that we went to the Central Lawn.

A lady called Laura came to talk to us about the animals on our tour. Our zoo teacher Laura taught us that the zoo keepers hide the food for the orangutans, because they are smart and that they could find their food by themselves. I learnt that there was also a Sri lankan orangutan. Then she got out a snakeskin and everyone in my class had turns to feel the skin. Then we went to see the last animal on our tour which were the tigers. My favourite animal was the tiger because it was a carnivore. The tiger was called Molique and she was a female. We also saw a boy tiger. After that the school bus was waiting for us to come. I thoroughly enjoyed myself at the zoo. There was so much to see at the zoo, that we could have spent another day at the zoo.JPEG Image

My Feelings in Maori.

My Blog comment.

My Blog comment to Aung Naing

This is my Blog commenting to AungNaing.


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 I vote for this song because I like the sound.

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

My Race the teacher in xtramath By Sanujan

 This is race the teacher in Xtramath. I have got 13 correct in the first time the it got hard and I got 10. Next time I will improve my work by learning my times. 

My Xtramath result By Sanujan

This is my Xtramath Result. I have got  8x9, 8x7, 8x5, 8x2, 7x2, 7x4, 6x7, 6x5, 6x4, 5x8, 5x4, 4x7 ,4x4, 3x7 and 3x5 correct altogether they make 15. I also have got 9x5, 8x3, 7x8, 7x6, 7x5, 6x9, 6x6, 5x9, 5x7 and 3x9 incorrect because for some answers I got my fingers slipped and I clicked on the wrong answer. After that I have 8 ticks because I took my time to write the answer.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

My Sun bears from Venn Diagram By sanujan

This is my Lucidchart about the Sun bears. We are learning to use Venn Diagram. Miss Paton teach us about the the sun bears in my reading group.

Monday, 25 May 2015

My race the teacher By Sanujan

This is my Xtramath on race the teacher.

My xtramath result By Sanujan

I have got 12 correct because the get really hard at the end and I have got 14 incorrect and Also 7 ticks.

Friday, 22 May 2015

My (Xtramath Result) By Sanujan

This is my Xtramath result for today.I think I tried my best.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

My Spelling Bee

This is my spelling bee. I have got 11 correct and 1 incorrect.

My Spelling city certificate By Sanujan

This is my Spelling city certificate for today. I am getting well at doing this.

My Spelling city

This is my Spelling city for today. I have got 10 correct and 0 incorrect and I also have 100%

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Ordering fraction By Sanujan

This is also my ordering fraction. I learn that the 4/10 is the smallest fraction.

The ordering fraction By Sanujan

Today I am learning to make fraction in order.I learnt that 9/10 is bigger than a 3/10 because there are 10 pieces and I get 9 pieces.

My Xtramath result race the teacher By Sanujan

This is my Xtramath result for race the teacher. I have got 23 right when I stared race the teacher
and when I finish the first race the teacher. Then it got hard and my result was 10 I think I tried my best.

My xtramath result By sanujan

This is my xtramath result. I have got 51 right and 3 wrongs

Monday, 11 May 2015

My xtramath result by sanujan

This is my xtramath result on subtraction. I have got 7 wrongs and 48 correct and also 1 ticks.
 I think I did well. 

Xtramath result by sanujan

This is my xtramath result on multiplication. I have got 34 correct, 1 wrong and 3 ticks. I think I did my best and I can do more well next time  

Saturday, 9 May 2015

My Xtramath

This is my Xtra math result that I did for today