Monday, 17 April 2017

Holiday reading #1: Geronimo Stilton The Stinky Cheese vacation.

       Holiday reading
      Title: Geronimo Stilton: The stinky cheese vacation
      Authors: Elisabetta Dami and Davide (ART) Corsi
      What kind of book : Fiction book

This story is about a newspaper journalist, and his true passion is writing adventure stories, He is Geronimo Stilton and Geronimo is a mice.

Geronimo Stilton was finishing up his work one evening when he opened a letter from his uncle Stingysnout saying he was sick and He needed to see Geronimo immediately! So Geronimo headed straight his uncle. But when he reached there his uncle put him straight to work which was fixing his castle and Geronimo was confused. After his uncle’s castle was completed, Geronimo saw mices coming to his uncle’s castle and Geronimo’s friend Trap showed his paper saying “Welcome to Hotel Stingysnout.

17 Apr 2017 08:53:41.jpg
This holiday my first book which I read is called " Geronimo Stilton, The Stinky Cheese Vaction". In this google Document I have include the Title, Authors, What kind of book. Did you know that the real author is Elsabetta Dami, not Geronimo. I really enjoyed reading Elsabetta Dami's books.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Te Oro Presentation - Sanujan

Today we went and presented at Te Oro. I had presented with three other pupils in my class and they are Jeremiah, Mia and Zahra. First I had to create a google presentation and name it Te Taiao o Tamaki and I added some of the things I have learnt for inquiry this term. The slide I found easy to talk about was the Watercycle because I only had to tell the four different part of a Watercycle.

Here is the Te Taiao O Tamaki Presentaion
At slide 20 hold the right arrow and there will be an animation.

Here is the video of us presenting. 
Mrs Anderson is very proud of the how we spoke. 

Te Oro Celebration

Today some of the LS2 pupils stayed at school and some went and watch the Te Oro perfomances happening at Glen Innes. The pupils who stayed watch it live on the TV and our chromebooks. If you want to watch the performances click here. We have watched many schools perform including Panmure Bridge School. I really enjoyed watching this.

Here is the Panmure Bridge performance.

Friday, 7 April 2017

Blog Commenting: A.J

This is my first blog comment for today and I have commented on Aminiasis (A.J)'s blog.
I really like reading his posts on his blog because he has posters which are really detailed. 
I'd like to read more from his blog. You can also go on his blog and look at the amazing works he have finished and published.

What is this blog post about?
This blog post is about thanking Martin and Neville for teaching LS2 and the whole Panmure Bridge about futsal and tennis. 

Tech: Woodwork / Hard Materials: Week 10 Term 1

This week for tech I started gluing the parts of my locomotive together. I am almost up the part where I connect the wheels to the body. The picture above shows what I did when Mr Grundy was helping others. I add some designs to my locomotive on my paper to make my locomotive design even better.