Monday, 17 April 2017

Holiday reading #1: Geronimo Stilton The Stinky Cheese vacation.

       Holiday reading
      Title: Geronimo Stilton: The stinky cheese vacation
      Authors: Elisabetta Dami and Davide (ART) Corsi
      What kind of book : Fiction book

This story is about a newspaper journalist, and his true passion is writing adventure stories, He is Geronimo Stilton and Geronimo is a mice.

Geronimo Stilton was finishing up his work one evening when he opened a letter from his uncle Stingysnout saying he was sick and He needed to see Geronimo immediately! So Geronimo headed straight his uncle. But when he reached there his uncle put him straight to work which was fixing his castle and Geronimo was confused. After his uncle’s castle was completed, Geronimo saw mices coming to his uncle’s castle and Geronimo’s friend Trap showed his paper saying “Welcome to Hotel Stingysnout.

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This holiday my first book which I read is called " Geronimo Stilton, The Stinky Cheese Vaction". In this google Document I have include the Title, Authors, What kind of book. Did you know that the real author is Elsabetta Dami, not Geronimo. I really enjoyed reading Elsabetta Dami's books.


  1. Hi Sanujan, I just read your report on The Stinky Cheese Vacation. I'm not sure I would want a vacation which had stinky cheese in it, but I do like the idea of staying in a castle. I was looking at the Twitter Timeline and saw your post as I scrolled. I stopped to check your post out. I am glad I did. So good to see you enjoying reading and taking time to post in the holidays. Well done to you!! Happy Holidays.

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  2. Hi Sanujan you have done a really good job keep it up. I can't wait to read this book and I think that you have done an awsome work.
    Well Done.