Thursday, 22 September 2016

Maths strategy: Algorithm, Korean Method and Japanese method

This week for math we were learning about 3 different strategy to solve Time Tables, Subtraction and Addition. I was working on multiplication. The 3 different strategy are Algorithm, Korean Method and Japanese method. There is a link in the last slide of Mr Ogilvie using these strategy.
I found this easy because the time table number's were small and easy.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

2016 Rio Olmpic: Eric Murray

This week for inquiry we had to make a google presentation on a Olympian that competed in the rio 2016.
Our Olympian was Eric Murray and he is a rower. Our task was to get question from the 5 W's and the 1 H.
They are Who, Where, When, What, Why and How.
I found finding questions for the why hard because there were no answers for a lot of question.

Friday, 16 September 2016

Making Poi

Screenshot 2016-09-15 at 2.21.59 PM.png
  1. Cut form into a sphere with a scissor
  2. Wrap a tin can half way with the wool.
  3. Get the wool out of tin can
  4. Hold the wool from inside of your palm and lead it to inside of your elbow.
  5. Do that eight times
  6. Tie the eight wools to make a plat
  7. Pass the plated string through the wool that was took out of the can
  8. Let the wool that was took out of the tin can slide down to the middle
  9. Tie the tin can wool with a string from together.
  10. Cut the top of tin can wool.
  11. Tie the bottom of the plat.
  12. Make a little hole in the sphere form
  13. Put the plated wools into the hole
  14. Squash the Sphere form
  15. Wrap it in plastic bag
  16. Tape around the stem of the

This week for writing we were learning about Procedural text. A Procedural text should have Title, Material, Steps and Picture also they should have specific word and Every sentence starts with a verb.
I found finding another word for knot like plat hard.

Korean Method

LI: To investigate the “ Korean Method ” method of multiplication

This week for math we had to make a google presentation on the korean method. My partner (Joshua W) and I made a step by step slides. 
I found drawing lines hard because I had to make them perfect and between each numbers.

Thursday, 15 September 2016

The Robber's Mask

L.I: To find the most important (Main) idea in a text

Today for reading our task was to make a DLO on a text called the Robber's Mask.
Before we read the text we had to predict what this text is about. After that we had to skim and scan for words that we did not understand or know. We also had to find what "Gist" means and the type of text. Then we had to find the definition, Synonyms and Antonyms for the words using Word Web. I found writing a summary for the Robber's Mask hard because I forgot what happens at the end and I got my group mate to help me.

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Ancient and Modern Olympics

Following the couple of week for inquiry we were learning about Ancient and modern Olympics.
We had completed out tasks such as attributing, note taking and also Olympics alphabet.
I found completing the alphabet hard because I could not find any word for x.

Thursday, 8 September 2016


This week for math my group have been learning about the column Method.
First we had to make a presentation. Our topic was shopping. We looked countdown and choose some food, Tissues and more.
I found fixing my work hard because some slides we mixed up and some were wrong.

How to make a Sandwish

This week my writing group have been learning about how to write a procedural text.
First we had to watch a video of how to make a cheese and ham sandwich. Then we had to find as many verbs as we could.
I found watch the video hard because the person in this video was talking so fast and I could no understand.

Word Web :The Robbers Mask

L.I to find the most important(main) idea in a text

This week for reading my reading group have been reading a book called the Robbers Mask.
Before we started reading we had to find word that we did not understand or know.
Then we had to make a word web.
I found find Antonyms for some words hard because there were only a small amount of Antonyms for lots of words.

Monday, 5 September 2016

Maths Equation: 70x2.5

Today I had made an post of how to do 70 x 2.5.
I found find the strategy for this hard because I had to come up with lot of Ideas but they were all wrong but at last I had found this easy way to do this.

New Caledonia

Today Jeremiah and I made a General Knowledge DLO about New Caledonia.
I had learnt lots of things for example New Daledonia is in the Territory of France.
I found finding New Daledonia on an atlas hard.

Thursday, 1 September 2016


Today I created a Find, Draw, Animate and Act DLO on fire.
Find, Draw, Animate, Act is part of our reading.
First we had to find a picture then Draw it with your drawing tool/ Shape tools.
Then animate with any websites or even with googleslides.
I found acting hard because I couldn't upload the acting that I did on to my slide.
Next time I need to improve on me effect for my acting.

Column(Times Table)

Today I made a maths problem and solved it by using the column.
I found decide what to do for my problem hard.
Next time I want to try out more digit numbers.

Adding Large Numbers

LI: To add and subtract using our strategy tool kit

These are two of the adding large numbers. This is how I did the first one: 92233+8206
and this is how I did the second one
I need to work on add more digit numbers.

How to play Marbles Procedural text.

L.I: To Identify the structure and language Features of a procedural text.

Today for writing we have been learning about procedural text.
The picture above is an exemplar of a procedural text about how to play marbles.
I found thinking what to write in the bottom left because I did not get any Ideas.
I need to improve on writing more sentences.