Friday, 30 October 2015

Making a Sandwich

This is a presentation created on a work called making sandwich.

My Game Before Number Within 5-6 Digits

This is a presentation created on a game called the before number within 5-6 digits.

My Recount Scaffold

By S.Sanujan
Beginning - this includes your hook. Start your recount with an exciting beginning that captures your audience interest levels
Yuppie! shouted very loudly with happiness to myself, when my mum said that we are going to my friend Ajhushan’s house and I can play with him on his trampoline and we also can play fighting. I thought that my day was going to be fun but sometimes me and my friend fight for real and both of us get into trouble and we had to lie to our parents so we don’t get into a big trouble.
Ensure your recount covers the orientation: When, Where, Who, What, Why and How

Set your recount out in a clear logical order and in paragraphs

Write in the past tense

Use lots of adjectives - (describing words) personal thoughts and feelings

Language Features such as similes, metaphors, onomatopoeia

Use connectives
When we arrived at Ajhushan’s house with my car it was really dark and I felt like being alone in a haunted room. Then Ajhushan came out and opened the front door of his house and he let us in. I asked my parents that can I have a sleepover and my parents said yes and I said thank you.

The next day I woke up early and I also made Ajhushan woke up. When he woke up he said that he need more sleep but I forced him to wake up. After Ajhushan woke, we went and we had our breakfast. Then me and Ajhushan went out to play on his trampoline. Our first game was the god fight. First we had to choose which god we were going to be and then we start playing. I said to Ajhushan that real god have power and we had to pretend like we have powers.

Next we made up a game called the elephant attack we had to chose who were being a elephant and who were being a human. I choose the human because human can run with two leg and the elephant can only run with four legs and Ajhushan had to bend his body and to run with four leg. Ajhushan couldn’t run and attack because no one can run with four leg. When we started playing our game Ajhushan ran and he jumped on me like a rhinoceros and I screamed so loud because he jumped right on my face.

Our next game was the running kangaroo.
The rules to play running kangaroo was that you are not allowed to hit anyone and one person had to be a truck and the other person had to be the kangaroo and the truck have to chase the kangaroo. The kangaroo can only hop like a bunny but the truck run like a ostrich. Playing all those game made us tired so we went inside the house and had a drink of water and we were really hungry and my stomach were rumbling like a T Rex roar and me and Ajhushan wanted to have some lunch so we sat on the mat and we ate all the yummy food and I said “Yum, Yum”.

After that my parents came to pick me up.
Sums up how you felt about the experience.

I ran to my car and I saw Ajhushan waving his hand to me and I waved back to him. He said “Good Bye”. Then we went home. I felt really excited because I might have another experience at Ajhushan’s house.

Thursday, 29 October 2015

The First Car Poster

This is a poster on the first car and I did this poster at homes.


This is my transum result.


This is my spelling city result for today.


This is my spelling city result.

Spelling city

This is my spelling result.


This is my spelling city result.

Spelling City

This is my spelling city results.


Taking away 1

Take away 1
Example: 1. 15,000 - 14, 999

  1. 20,000 - 19,999
  2. 46,800 - 46,799
  3. 78,687 - 78,686
  4. 97,001 - 97,000
  5. 57,640 - 57,639
  6. 90,354 - 90,353
  7. 15,000 - 14,999
  8. 64,810 - 64,809
  9. 145,000 - 144,999
  10. 243,200 - 143,199
  11. 576,000 - 575,999

Inclined planes

This is a poster on inclined planes.

Rock Breaker

This is a poster on rock breakers.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Monday, 19 October 2015

My poster about pulleys.

This is my poster I made on Pulleys. A pulley is a wheel and a rope that is used for lifting things.

My Brainstorm on works that we can do

This work was created on google drawing. This work is about things/works that we can do.

My Recount About My Weekend

Please, Please, could we go to my friend’s house I said to my dad and my mum, “of course”, they replied back to me. I was really full of excitement because we can have a boxing match in his trampoline.
We arrived at my friend’s house in my car and it was really dark because it was night time. My mum knocked on the door then my friend’s uncle opened the door. When I went inside the house I saw my friend’s little sister, and she was about 1 week old. Her name was Ashwini and Diyashwini. My friend was really lucky because when he had a sister he also buyed a tablet. Then I asked my mum “can I have a sleepover here” she said yes.
In morning after breakfast my friend and my went outside to play on his trampoline. First we played jumping high then we had the boxing match. I let him to hit me first but he aimed for my leg and when he moved his leg to kick my leg, luckily I managed to dodge  and I kick him on his hand. Then both of started hitting each other. Then we thought that we could do tricks on the trampoline instead of fighting. I tried to do the back flip but I failed and I also tried to do the front flip and I did it.
That was a great time with my friend and my friend’s sister.


This is my transum reflection for today. I have got 14 trophies all together. I think I should get more trophies because 14 trophies is not enough. 

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Structure of a recount

Today I have been learning about what is a recount. A recount is about retailing and describing past events. Before we start writing our recount we need to make a hook that captures audience interested level then we need to make a sentence using orientation. An orientation includes When?, Where?, Why?, Who?, What? and how?. A recount has a hook at the beginning and a orientation in each sentence and a summary.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

How does hearing aids works?

These are the controls in the hearing aids.

Our Trip to the Supermarket.

This is a presentation on our trip to the supermarket. This event was happened last Term.