Thursday, 22 December 2016

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Godwit: Information Report

LI: to write an information report / explanation about your Flight self inquiry task.
This week for writing we had to pick a fly object or something that lives and my writing is an Information report. I decided to do the Godwit because it is the New Zealand's Native birds.
Did you know that in the Godwit migration that eat Polychaetes and also the females weigh more than the male. To read my information report Click Here.

Godwits Drawing

Last week and this week had to draw a flying thing and I deiced to do the Godwit.
I did the Godwit because it is New Zealand Native bird.
On the left it has a Godwit drawn by me and on the right it has the Godwit that I got from the internet.
Did you know that the longest and non stop flight or Migrations are Known to be the Godwits.

Monday, 12 December 2016

Can do

This is my can do for Today.

Connections Between: Bessie Coleman, Amelia Earhart, Jean Batten, Richard Pearse and The Wright Brothers

This week for Reading we had to write down the connections between Bessie Coleman, Amelia Earhart, Jean Batten, Richard Pearse and The Wright Brothers.
I worked with Freeman. We both learnt something new which was that Amelia Earhart and Bessie Coleman are American Aviators.

Can Do

This is my can do for today.

Battle Ship With Zane

Today for math Mr Orgilve showed us a great game called the Battle ship. 
It is a strategy game. 
We had a fun game but sadly I lost.
The instructions will be in shown in the game.
This is the link to view what we have done: Link  
and this is the link to a new template: Link
Have fun playing this game.

Blog commenting

This is my blog commenting for today.

Thursday, 8 December 2016

Writing: Explanation text :Godwits

LI: to write an information report / explanation about your Flight self inquiry task.
Godwits are New Zealand's native bird.
There are many kinds of bird's such as Godwit, Black-tailed godwit, Bar-tailed godwit and Hudsonian godwit.

The Godwits migrate of Weather conditions, sometimes they migrate for breeding and also they migrate to find food.

The some Godwits are from coastal East Asia, Alaska, Australia, Africa, northwestern Europe and New Zealand.

The males weigh up to 275-400 g and the female weight up to 325-600 g. The female weighs more than the male.

In their flight they usually eat polychaetes probable over 70% of diet but they also eat some small bivalve and also some crustaceans.

As I said that the female Godwits weigh more than the male and The Bar Tailed Godwits are mainly known to be the longest non-stop flight. They mostly live in New Zealand.

Today I have completed my writing work. 
This is an explanation text based on the Godwits.

Reading: Godwits

Title: Godwits

Read the text and record key words/phrases that answer these questions:

Who? Bar Tailed Godwits

What? The longest non-stop flight are known to be the Bar Tailed Godwits.

Where? They Live in New Zealand Asia, Alaska, Australia, Africa, northwestern and Europe

When? Godwits leave New Zealand from the second week of March to the end of the month.

Why? They leave to find food, breed and of weather conditions.

How? In their flight they stop at some countries like Asia, Alaska, Australia and some more to eat polychaetes probably over 70% of diet but also small bivalves and crustaceans.

Summarise the text in 25 words:


Today for reading I completed my work. I got lots of help from my friend Jericho and now I had completed my work.

Can Do: Tables Conga

Today for Can Do I did my favourite maths game called the Tables Conga.

The First Car: Benz

Today I have made a poster based on the First car.
This is the link to the poster. I've done this as part of my can do.

Blog Comment

Hi Mataio Wow this is a fantastic work on Bald Eagles.
I do not know much about bald Eagles but no I learnt lots from reading your book.
Next time like of said Try to do some blurb.


This is my blog comment for this week. 
I have commented of Mataio's fantastic work about The Bald Eagles.
Go and have a look at some of his amazing works.

LS1 Geometry (Home)

LI: To investigate 2D and 3D shape 
LI: To understand flip, slide, turn.
Today for maths I had finished LS1 Geometry at Home. This document contain the shapes that I have at home and some are from the internet. I had to find out a shapes that has Faces, edges and vertices. 
To find out what I have in my document click here