Friday, 11 August 2017


Today at tech we made beef cobbler. The meat/beef cob was delicious, but the dough on top of the minced beef was not so delicious. Making the meat/beef cob was little bit simple and but a lot hard, however with the help of my partner (Joshua W) it was a lot easier for me. The thing that I did not like about this cooking is the onion. Cutting the onion was super hard because I keep on crying and my tears made it hard for me to see.


  1. Greetings Sanujan, I've made Beef cob before. I really love the image of the food tech you made with Joshua W. The blurb shows me that you have been learning how to make beef cob. What is your learning intention?
    Great Work.

    1. Thank you Mele for commenting on my Blog.
      Mrs Heka (Cooking teacher) did not give us a Learning Intention.