Saturday, 8 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey - Create you own flag

This is a challenge I had completed. The for the challenge I had to create my own flag. I had put the red and orange colour because I think red and orange are closely tiger's skin colour but the stripes are black but I could not put black stripes because I had put black for the box on the top left corner. I have done this as part of the Holiday learning journey called "Winter Learning Journey".


  1. Vanakkam Sanujan,

    Wow - this is a very bold and eye-catching flag. I love the use of red and orange in your design. I see from your description that you were mirroring a tiger. Given that the activity was asking you to create a new flag for New Zealand, I'd love to know more about the association between tigers and New Zealand. Do tigers remind you of a place here in NZ or do they represent something special to you about the country? I'm very curious :)

    I'm also really excited to see that you have already posted six activity blogs for the Winter Learning Journey programme. That is excellent progress! I hope that you will continue to work through the activities and post your awesome, supportive comments on other student's blog sites.

    It's a true pleasure to blog with you, Sanujan.

    Keep up the great work!


  2. Hi Sanujan
    Your flag is so awesome. I like how you explained why you added something. The colors also mix really well. Great job.

  3. Hi Sanujan
    It is very good to se that you have thought outside the box when it comes to making your flag and awesome too see you have chosen a country other than New Zealand. Good job!

  4. Hello Sanujan, It is really great to see that you have decided to participate in the Winter Learning Journey this holidays. Your flag is really detailed and I can tell that you have though a lot about what you are going to put in your flag. I like how you have added in your blurb what each part of your flag represents. Keep up the remarkable work. I can't wait to see some more remarkable blog posts.

  5. Hi Sanujan. It's great to have you participating in the Winter Learning Journey I like you have explained what each symbol in your flag represents. Looking forward to seeing your future posts.