Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Reading: Creating a Kahoot

This term for reading we were learning about very important events that occurred in New Zealand history. For this we looked at the signing of the treaty of Waitangi. The sighing occurred in February 2 1940. For this task I worked collabrativly with Jack, Jeremiah, Mataio and Joseph.

First we were to read a series of books of the treaty of the Waitangi. There are approximately 5 books for us to read. After that we were to write a summary on one particular story at a time. At the end Mrs Anderson's reading groups were to create a Kahoot.

Kahoot is a fun website that allows people to choose answers to questions. Kahoot is like a quiz. There can be more than 20 questions. You can create your own quiz or you can choose one.

If you would also like to play our kahoot, you can click this link to play with friends. --- Kahoot ---

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