Wednesday, 29 March 2017

The Midnight

I felt reluctant and nervous, “oh man I don’t think I can make it” I said to myself while crawling down slowly, my body shivered  It's good and I told to myself “don’t move” About 5 times, Luckily Mr Ogilvie turned around and turned around again and I almost lost, but I quickly lyed on the spiky grass and stayed as still as if I was a dead bee, but some students were hiding behind other student and was crawling and they look like a moving worm but in a big size, everyone was laughing at them. Then Mr Ogilvie turned around and I was free!! But still I have to make it to the end and touch Mr Mr Ogilvies shoes to win. I was so reluctant to move because I might get caught and I have to start all over again. After some second of running the mro turned quickly and sadly I lost. But had magnificent round.


Yesterday my class wrote recounts. Most of the people wrote recounts about camp but me and three more people didn't write about camp because we didn't go to comp, so we had to write about the time we had at school. The students who stayed are Sa kae, Joshua V and Jay-Don. The class we were in was LS1 (learning Space 1) This recount is about a game called midnight we played this game with the whole LS1. Mr Ogilvie taught us this game. I had lot of fun with LS1 and the teachers.

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