Thursday, 22 June 2017

Dance: Keeping in time and Positions.

Today we did dance. This week Mrs Anderson took a video of all of the groups and she showed us our videos for us to see what we need to change. We mostly need to work on our timing and our positions because we couldn't see the students behind us. For our timing we have to do the moves at the same time not like one 1 pair putting their hands down and they others putting it to the side. I had worked with Freeman, Joshua and a new person and he is Tai. We had to work with Tai because people from his groups are away and Sylis from our group is also away so we decided to work with him. I think he did an amazing job and I am so impressed with him because today was his first time with us and he we tried so hard to make his familiar with the moves.


  1. Hi Sanujan I really enjoyed watching your dance especially that you where able have four people in one group. I enjoyed every part of your dance. I also do agree that your dance was not timed correctly but everything else was great.

    1. Thank you Jericho for you thoughtful and helpful comment.