Wednesday, 21 June 2017

People who have / not littered in our school

This pie chart show the amount of people that have and have not littered in our school. The pie chart says that 54 people have littered and 26 people have not littered at Panmure Bridge. This needs a big change and that is that the yes has to decrease and the no’s have to increase. I've worked with Joshua W.


  1. Hi Sanjuan
    I don't know if you remember me from Woolf Fisher Research Centre at the University, but we visited your classroom earlier in the year and you showed me then what you were doing to be a 'change agent' for the environment. I see you are continuing your work with a focus on litter. I really like how you are using a scientific research approach to collecting and communicating your data - your bar chart is an effective visual way of doing this to highlight your findings. Just a thought: do you think the responses (yes and no) should be in two different colours to differentiate each category. Maybe you could use two different colours in a way that is meaningful e.g. a negative colour to symbolise the 'litter' people and a positive colour to show the non-litter people. Keep up the interesting research!

  2. Thank you Naomi. I had tried to change the colour of the bar graph but unfortunately I couldn't. So I changed the bar graph to a pie chart because it shows the data clearly in two different colours.

  3. Vanakkam Sanujan
    I've made a chart before but based on a different topic. I love the way you've laid out your chart. I even like it how you laid the colours saying how much percent of rubbish are littered and are not littered on our school grounds.How can people change from throwing rubbish on the floor?
    Great work.