Thursday, 28 September 2017

Kiwi Can

During the time I've been at Panmure Bride we had Kiwi Can. We have Kiwi Can once a week.

What happened at Kiwi Can this week?
Since it's near the holidays we played a game called Hand Soccer at Kiwi Can. It was really fun and I had lots and lots of enjoyment. Before that we played a game and in that we game our Kiwi Can tutors places some objects in the middle and they splitted us into four different groups and each group have a turn to make that object into something else, for example, Mr Malu
(Kiwi Can Tutor) puts a hula hoop in the middle and the first group makes a mirror and the following group made a portal and so on.

What My Group Did
This is what my group did for the first on.

The Rules For Hand Soccer
The rules for hand soccer is really simple you have to direct the ball with your hands and score a goal.

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