Thursday, 7 September 2017

Tamaki Overdrive - Justine Mckeen Eat Your Beets

Today we have been exploring a website called Tamaki overdrive. This is a website where you can read many different book. They are also categorized in many categories for example if you want to read a fiction which is a made up story, you have to click on the fiction button. The fiction button comes up when you drag your cursor to subject.

About the story I read...
The story I read was called "Justine Mckeen, Eat Your Beets". This book was very funny and the illustrations were capturing. This story is separated into chapters. In chapter 1 it is about 2 boys kicking a soccer ball over a school and the ball hits a person... To find out what happens to next you'll need go read this book. Website ===> WEBSITE

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