Friday, 9 February 2018

Blog Post Analysis

For maths this week. We had to look back at all the blog post I've posted throughout the past 3 or 4 years and make a statistics. My first post on my blog was posted in 2014. That time I did not received my own Chromebook. Since I did not have my own device I had to use the school Chromebook.
Most of the time we did our work using paper and pens. However managed to 5 blog posts that time. 

What we had to do.
First we had to find the amount of the blog post I posted every year.
After I've found the amount. I made a google sheet and called it Blog Post Record.
Then I copy and pasted the amounts of blog posts per year onto the sheet. 
Next I created a bar graph.

After that I created a new google drawing and called it Blog Post Analysis.
After that I copied and pasted the bar graph onto the google drawing.
Then I typed in the analysis. 
For that part I included why I had that amount of blog post that year. 

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