Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Electives - Maths

This week for maths, we had a challenging task. Our task was called "Electives". This task is about a few students going to an Inter school and the remaining pupils doing Electives. For this task I work collaboratively with Jeremiah. Jeremiah and I did many different tasks together, but only a few of them made us think and focus more, this task was one of them. "Do you know why?" 

Well there were some really hard question for example, 0.125 of 192.  Jeremiah and I decided to take risks in many areas and used some hard strategies that made sense to us. For example converting 0.125 into 12.5%.

To solve this problem Jeremiah and I  went through many hard strategy. Then we compared each of them and we chose the best strategy for each question. These best strategies we chose are the ones on our DLO.

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