Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Maths | M&M's Presentation

Maths last week and this week was very different. That's because last week Learning Space 2 were give a challenge to do. The challenge needed collaboratively learning. So we got into our groups that we were split into and made a presentation. In my group there is Jonathan, Joel, Nickaela and Harlem.

Our first step was to make a prediction about how many M&M's we would get in a small packet. We were also supposed to predict what the most common colour in each packet would be.
After that we were to record our prediction. Then we were to pick one person who would touch the M&M's and count them. We chose Joel to do that.
Then we recorded the most common colour and how many M&M's we received in our packet.
After that we started to created the DLO. We were asked to find a few interesting facts and the history about M&M's. As time passed on, Mr Johnston wrote the percentage of colours you'd get in a packet according to the Mars Company. The following task was to make a comparison between our findings and the Mars Company's. What I found interesting about the M&M's, is that the founders of the M&M's copied the idea from seeing Spanish Civil War solders eating British made smarties.
At the end we showcased our DLO (Digital Learning Object) to the whole class.

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