Tuesday, 7 November 2017

How Siberian Tigers are Adapted To Their Environment

This week we've been using our smart searching skills to find out how Siberian Tigers are adapted to their environment. All of the students in my class had to choose an animal with the same letter at their first or last name. Since my name starts with "S", I decided to do the Siberian Tiger. I used PowToon to create and share my learning. 

Here is the attribution for the image at the bottom of each scene. 
Photo by Tio28 / CC0 Creative Commons 


  1. Hey Sanujan,
    It's me Josh, I enjoyed watching your Powtoon movie about Siberian Tigers and I learned a lot about it. I really like your movie Sanujan. I can see that you have worked hard on this Powtoon movie. Great job sanujan.

  2. Hi Sanujan, This is really good animation on powtoon about Siberian Tiger this gives us really clear information. Next time you could change the background on your powtoon. Great work keep all the effort up.

  3. Hi Sanujan
    Fraidoon here, I see you are researching about a Siberian Tiger. I enjoyed watching the movie that you have made. It really helped me learn even more about the Siberian Tiger. I never knew that another name for them is Amur Tigers. Maybe next time you could tell me where you got you info from.
    - Fraidoon