Thursday, 23 November 2017

Trip To The Fire Station

As part of our inquiry we had trip to the Mt Wellington fire station to learn about how firefighters help or protect the people in our community. I learnt that if there is an fire you have to get low, get out and stay out.  I also learnt that if you call 111 and ask for a ambulance a fire truck will come your location first since they are first responders and they have some first aid kit and also they are trained to be first responders to help the people in our community.

The firefighters also explained to us about how smoke / fire alarms are important to us since they save lives. However if you don't have a smoke alarm and went to sleep you can't smell any smoke and in about three minutes the house will be on fire and you have no way to escape. So make sure that you have a smoke alarm and also make sure that they work.

Then the fireman lead us to the pump truck. He showed us many different equipments like uniforms, hoses, ladders, air bags, blocks, chain saws, hammers, some mechanical tools etc. These tools are used for many situations for instance if a tree fell om top of a car the firefighters use the chain saw to cut the tree. After we had to look at the pump truck the fireman showed us what they do if there is a person trapped in a car in a car crash.

The fire fighters used some various amount of tools to open the car. These are the tools they used...
A cutter and a spreader. They used the cutter to cut some parts of the car and the spreader to open things.
They did all of these things to take the roof off so it is easy to take the trapped person out.

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