Thursday, 2 November 2017

Kiwi Sport - Badminton

Today we had badminton. Badminton is our kiwi sport for this term. Our tutor for badminton was Kevin.I learnt how to juggle a shuttlecock using the rackets, forehand, backhand and some trick shots, for example hitting the shuttlecock while swinging the racket under leg. But before we got on with our lesson. We did a warm up game called "Octopus". Then we were told to find a partner because we were going to have a rally and we had to see how long we could keep on passing/hitting the shuttlecock to our partner. My partner was Miki. It was a bit tough for me and Miki because the we both we hitting the shuttlecock different direction. however, we both managed to hit it even though it was a different direction. Our high score was 34. I think we did really well. Next time my goal is 36+.

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