Friday, 11 May 2018

Mrs Gren - Inquiry

This week for inquiry, our focus was on the human body. To learn about what a living thing needs, we read a short story named Mrs Gren. Mrs Gren is a simple story about an old lady who find everything to be a living thing, because it could more, or breath, or sense, or grow, or reproduce, or excrete, or eat. Mrs Gren is also an acronym. It is made up of Movement, Respiration, Senses, Grow, Reproduction, Excrete, and Nutrition. All the things a living thing needs, or can do. We were to make a DLO with a partner, that explained each word, and what they mean to the human body. If you do not understand one of the words, you can look at the DLO, which explains each one. For this activity I worked with Jack, and we had a lot of fun doing this activity.

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  1. Hi Sanujan

    I really like you are talking about a human body and the seven life of process. Sanujan you should draw a human body in your google slide because I really like your draw and jack and I really like how you talk about MRS GREN the seven life of process and telling us what the seven life of process is.