Monday, 21 May 2018

Writing - Fake Iphone Text

"Hey Arge!" Pike exclaimed.

"Hey Pike!" Arge replied.

"How are you?" Pike asked. 

"I'm good thank you." replied Arge. "How about you?" asked Arge.

"Same here." said Pike. "Hey do you want to hangout?" asked Pike.

"Sure!" exclaimed Arge. "Just let me know where we're meeting up" said Arge.

"Got it, the library would be auspicious" Pike concluded

Today for writing we did something very different. The task we were given, was to create a fake iphone conversation using With this website you can create fake conversation. The main reason why we did this activity was because we can revise our punctuation. Firstly we were to go on that website. Then we were to write down a name. This name has to be made up. What I meant by that, we're not allowed to pick a common name. For example "Johnny". Johnny is a name used in a many movies and T.V shows. I've decided to pick very very uncommon names. I chose, Arge and Pike.

After we've finished write down our conversation, we were to blog it in a writing format.  


  1. Hi Sanujan,
    This is a really cool conversation you have created, and an amazing blurb you have written. Was this activity hard or challenging at all? Also, how are you? Questions aside, as a part of your blurb, I noticed a small error. You wrote, "With this website you can create fake conversation." Although you forgot to add the 'A' in between Create, and Fake. This isn't anything big or problematic, just a tiny mistake. Although everything else is fantastic!
    Keep up the awesome work!

    - Jack

    1. Thank You, Jack.
      Your comment was really helpful and interesting to read.
      Also creating this fake conversation was pretty hard to do because if we make a mistake through out the conversation we can't replace it with something else. Also I'm good thank you.
      Anyway thank you for commenting.

      - Sanujan