Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Mathematical Me - Maths

This week for maths, our task was to blog one of the pictures we had taken for week 1's Mathematical Me activity. The picture that I chose was of me testing whether the width of Jacks nose is the same width as one of his eyes. This turned out to be a true fact, and Jack and I found this really interesting considering that everyone else had been measuring from one edge of someones nose, to the point of the nose, and finishing on the other side. Although whenever someone measured this way, it would always be false. So when we realised this, we tried to measure the width from one side of my nose, under the point of my nose to the other side. Once we had tried this strategy, we found out that this was the correct way to compare the width of an eye to a nose, and that they measure at the same width.


  1. People are always surprised by these measurements. They are all true statements (more or less). I think this is a good practical activity to start our human body unit. Did you enjoy doing this work?

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    2. Thank You Ms Kirkpatrick for commenting.
      Jack and I really enjoyed doing this activity.