Friday, 2 March 2018

Agents Of Change

This week LS2 was focusing on being an Agent of Change. "Do you know who Agents of Change are?" Well, Agents of Change have an auspicious personality. You can also be an Agent of Change. To be an agent of change you have to show others what is right, and what is wrong when they are doing something they weren't supposed to do. You don't have to show them, what is right or wrong physically. All you have to do is just go talk to them. Here is an example. One student in LS2 is lazy and not doing their work. Then another student walked to him and helped him finished his work. Following the C.A.R.E value could make anyone an Agent of Change. These are the values, Confidence, Attitude, Respect and Excellence and Innovation

My Task
My task was to create a google drawing and write down how I can be an Agent of Change. As you can see I need to finish my work in time and then do the decorations and details.

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