Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Lost in the Bush - Character Description

Lost in the Bush

Johnny's eyes opened as wide as a door, and he couldn’t believe what he saw. Green
mountains, waving rivers and shape shifting clouds reflecting off his eyes. He seemed to be
lost. Johnny quickly ran to a tree carrying a big bag, filled with things like food, a pocket
knife, map, binoculars and a phone (which had no reception). Johnny tucked his dirty,
white shirt in, pulled his pants above his waist, yanked his hat down to his shoulders and
looked around him in an anxious way. Johnny then noticed something weird. He saw
footprints, molded in the ground. He slowly crept forward, and followed the footprints.
After a while he seemed to get even more lost, and had no idea where he was. He then
took out his map, and realised that he has no clue on how to read a map. Johnny is now
without hope.
As part of writing we were learning and revising a Character Description and 5 - 7 - 10.
Our task was to make Character Description. Ms Kirkpatrick gave us two different promts. One is about Magic and the other one is about lost in a forest. I decided to chose lost in a forest because it sounds more interesting and more challenging to do. In my character description I only have 1 main character named Johnny.

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