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Research about the East Cape Lighthouse

East Cape
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Information about the East cape lighthouse
The East cape lighthouse is located on the east coast, Otiki Hill above East Cape, North Island.

The East Cape Lighthouse stands 15 metres above sea level.
The East Cape Lighthouse is accessed by a walking track of some 700 steps.

In 1954 the light was converted from oil to diesel generated.

Getting to East Cape Lighthouse

East Cape Lighthouse is accessible to the public. It can be reached on foot from the car park at the end of East Cape Road.

From the East Cape Lighthouse, visitors can look out onto East Island where the
lighthouse was originally located.

Lighthouse feature: Details
Location: latitude 37°41’ south, longitude 178°33’ east
Elevation: 154 metres above sea level
Construction: Cast iron tower
Tower height: 15 metres
Light configuration: 50 watt rotating beacon
Light flash character: White light flashing once every 10 seconds
Power source: Mains electricity
Range: 19 nautical miles (35 kilometres)
Date light first lit: 1900
Automated: 1985
Demanned: 1985

Fun Fact
  • East Cape was named by James Cook
  • The East Cape Lighthouse was originally located on East Island Whangaokeno
  • It takes 700 steps to get to the lighthouse.
  • The lighthouse was first lit in 1900
  • The road to the lighthouse clings to the coastline, and there are numerous sandy
beaches just metres away.
  • The Araroa is the gateway to the East Cape Lighthouse.
  • Almost 600 visitors visited the East Cape Lighthouse.
  • The St Mary's church is one of the most popular churches in New Zealand.
  • February 2002 using a 50 watt tungsten halogen bulb and has a backup battery.
  • In 1971 the lighthouse was connected to main power and the station was automated
withdrawing the last keeper in 1985.

  •        April of 1922 the light was extinguished, the tower and buildings were
relocated to East Cape at Te Araroa.

  • The lighthouse is located in Gisborne/East Island.
  • There is a camping ground which is near the east cape lighthouse.

Distances from P.B.S To Lighthouse In Time
7 h and 37 min 516 km

This week for Mr Johnson created a tasks for us that includes reading and inquiry. Our task was to research about specific lighthouse around New Zealand. Firstly before we went on with our lighthouses we split into 10 groups. In each groups there are approximately 5 to 6 students. Now let’s get on with the working part. After each groups were given their own lighthouse to research on, they got on working. The lighthouse that we are working on is called East Cape Lighthouse. For this task I work with Jonathan, Harlem, Nickela, Joel

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  1. Kia ora Sanujan,
    I have been looking at some blogs in the Manaiakalani schools and this post caught my eye because I am from the East Coast. My grandmother is from Te Araroa which is the closest town to the lighthouse.I currently work for Manaiakalani in Gisborne but I grew up in Tolaga Bay. As children we visited the lighthouse frequently and it was our job to count the steps. When I was very little I used to lose count easily and then as an adult I lost count because I was too puffed from climbing to remember. The view from the lighthouse is stunning and one day we got there for sunrise. It was spectacular!
    Maybe one day you will go there and climb all those steps!
    Would you like to be a lighthouse keeper?
    Mā te mā
    Cheryl Torrie