Friday, 8 June 2018

Student Led Conference

Yesterday it was amazing, the reason was, it was student led conference or as we all know. The parent interview.

What is student led conference / parent interview?
Well student led conference or parent interview is when your parents come to your school and have a look at your work. Also this is the time your parents get time to negotiate with your teachers about your learning.

For my student led conference my mum came to look at my work. As far as I know she was pleased to hear all of the great comments from my teachers about my learning. She was also pleased the see that I've been working hard on creating DLO ( Digital Learning Object).
Now let's hear about how we got ready for this event. Firstly we were to make a copy of a template Mrs Anderson shared with us. In this template we were to add in the links to these following subjects that are posted on our blogs: Reading, Writing, Maths and Inquiry. After that we were to start writing our script. In the script we were to write down a small explanation about why we've decided to show this to our parent's and what it is about. Our script was to match with the links that we added in the DLO. ( Template)

Here is the photo of myself show my mum around my class room