Friday, 1 June 2018

Poetry: Charlotte Anne DLO - Balled Poem

This week for poetry, our task was to answer a few questions about the poem  The Waitakere Ballads about Charlotte Anne. A women who didn't take anything from other people in the 1870's. She was one of the little women that wore jeans, as everyone knew that women were meant to wear large dresses. This was a group task, so I worked with JackMele, and Marieta. Although as an extra task, we also were asked to create a DLO that showed how life was like in the 1870's. For this task we were to use our smart searching skills. These DLO's can be found on the last slide of the presentation. We all had a lot of fun with this task, and enjoyed working together as a group.

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  1. Hi Sanujan.
    You did a really great job. I really appreciate all the hard work your put in your learning. Keep It Up

    - Sri Devi (Mum)