Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Launching Of the Summer Learning Journey

Today was a one of the best day for Panmure Bridge because today was the launching of the S.L.J (Summer Learning Journey). We had guests from numerous places like...
Woolf Fisher Research Centre
NEXT Foundation.

These are people who attended this important event...
Rachel and Hazel from Woolf Fisher Research Centre
Mr Grady who is the Chairperson for the Board of Trustees
Mrs Grant from Manaiakalani
Mr Burt Point England School's Principal
Mrs Jesson from Woolf Fisher Research Centre
Mr Sneddon who is the chairperson for Manaiakalani 
Mrs Lee
Mrs Pitchard. 

All of these special guests came to talk about the launching and about the SLJ. (Summer Learning Journey).
Our host for the assembly was Mia and AJ. They are our Head leaders.
After we had some free lunch. This was called "EAT MY LUNCH".
I had lots of fun today. I would like to give Rachel Williamson and all of the guests for coming and giving us to opportunity have free lunch and more.

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  1. Hi Sanujan,
    My name is Patricia Santos and I will be blogging with you for the Summer Learning Journey. I am so glad to hear that you enjoyed to learn about the program. I can't wait to see your posts about the activities.

    Kia Kaha,