Monday, 4 December 2017

Tech - Robotics

Last week straight after tech at Tamaki College Learning Space 2 assembled at a shelter so that our teachers could split us into our groups. This is not something we do everytime. I think we did this because last week was the last week for tech. Our teachers separated us into 3 different groups...

  • Social Science / Study
  • PE (Physical Education)
  • Robotics
What Group I Was In
I was in the robotics group. Then everyone went followed their teachers for that specific group they were in to the place they were going to start their lesson. They place I went to learn my lesson was in a big hall.

First for robotics we were ask some few simple questions and our tutor Mr Dunn asked us to split into four groups. Each group had a stations to work in. Since it was robotics were had to program using code Mbots and Mdrones. There was two Mbots and two Mdrones. We all were sent to our stations. Mr Dunn explained us the process of coding these mechines. 

What We Did
First the Mdrone groups were asked to open an app called Makeblock. Then we had to connect the Mdrone to makeblock so that we can start coding and make the drone do what ever we want it to do.
Before we did anything Mr Dunn set up the makeblock.
Then we were able to code the Mdrone.
After that we had some few errors but we overcame those errors and managed to operate the drone.
After that Mr Dunn gave the Mdrone groups a few tasks.

The first task was to place the drone on the X mark and we had to make it go in a square and come back to the X mark.
The next task was to make the drone fly under a table and come over and land on top of it. We managed to do all of these task and won. Our reward for wining was a Mars Chocolate.

I had lots of fun at Robotics I hope. 


  1. Hi Sanujan
    Your team work during the challenge was impressive. I like how you walk through the course to check that your coding of the drone was correct. Well done on winning the second obstacle “MARS” challenge.

    1. Thank you Mr Dunn.
      I had lots of fun doing this and I love learning about coding and also I love coding. I learnt lots of new things from you.

      Thank you for the great opportunity.
      Yours Sincerely Sanujan