Monday, 4 December 2017

Tech Reflection

Last week was the last week for tech this year. I've been to three different tech groups.

Woodwork / Hard Materials
In woodwork tech we had to create an in animated objects using housing points and wood blocks.
Our tutor for woodwork was Mr Grundy
I learnt lots of skills from Mr Grundy for example I learnt how to make a housing joint.
I would like to thank Mr Grundy for teaching me new things.

Food Tech
In food tech I learning to use the stove and cook food. I also learning to use some equipment like a spatula.
Our tutor for food tech was Mrs Heka and Mrs Tepalutu.
In food tech I learnt how to cook on a stove without getting burnt.
I'd like to give Mrs Heka and Mrs Tepalutu a big thank you for teaching us new things.

In art tech we had to draw cultural patterns and pictures on a paper and transfer in onto a wood piece and carved and the things that we don't need on the wood piece for example, the background.
Tutor Mrs Telefoni.
In art I learnt how to curve a wood block.
I'd like to thank Mrs Telefoni for give us the time to teach us art

I had lots of fun in these groups and I hope next year I'll have to opportunity to do other techs.
I would like to give them all another big thank you.

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