Monday, 11 December 2017

Year 7 Leadership Speeches / Voting for 2018

Today we did the speech for our position for the leaders for 2018. I put my self up for Manaiakalani leader because I know that I have to qualities for being one. This is one of qualities. I am a great blogger and this blog post is my 700th blog posts. This is a great achievement. My goal for next is to get 900 blog posts.
I hope I have persuade the teachers and the students.

This is the speech I wrote...

Manaiakalani 2018
Vanakkam my name is Sanujan, I think that I have the qualities for being a great Manaiakalani leader as I have been showcasing the learning I’ve been doing at Panmure Bridge School to visitors for nearly 3 years. I am confident at presenting in front of people because I’ve been doing speeches in my mother language, tamil in front of more than 100 people all my life.

I am a good blogger and I have 697 blog posts, that’s almost 700 times I have shared my learning with a global audience. I do not only post my work on my blog I also take time to comment my classmates blog post. When I comment on classmate’s blogs I make positive, helpful and thoughtful comments so that they’d improve in their work. I also comment on other schools blogs since we’ve been doing a quad blogging with 3 different class in 3 different schools.

I always take part in the holiday reading challenges such as the winter and summer learning journey. I try my best to complete as many activities I could. I also comment on others blog to earn points. I do not just do these activity to earn points and prizes, I also do these activities to improve my reading and writing skills.

A good leader has to be able to show respect to teachers, staff members and also students. I’ve been show respect to all of the teachers and also staff members.

I have 5 badges. Confidence, Attitude, Respect and Excellence and Innovation.
I also have a Pacifica group badge for presenting Pacifica at assembly.
I always try to help students who need help. I also encourage them to do their work when are struggling.

I try my best to participate with my classmates and work collaboratively.
I also try my best to include everyone in my group as that shows teamwork. I know that being a leader doesn’t mean bossing people around, it means helping, encouraging and giving people feedback and feedforward. I am 100% confident that I would make a fantastic leader and great role model to our school. That is why I believe I would make a great manaiakalani leader for Panmure Bridge school. Please think vote for me for.

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