Monday, 11 December 2017

Maths Strategy With Jeremiah

Today we've been learning about maths strategy. This photo above is about solving 4 different questions.
I work collaboratively with Jeremiah. Our task after we solved we had to choose on of the equations we solved and express the way how we solved it.

The first question is the one I will be explaining how we got our answer. First we halved six which is three. Next we did 21 divided by 3 which equals seven. Lastly we timed 7 by 6 which gave us the answer 42.

First we were confused of what to do because we could do 21 divided by 6. Then I came up with an idea for halving the 6 so that we would have two odd digits. 21 & 3. Then Jeremiah came up with an idea of dividing them. And that is how we solved the first equation.

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