Friday, 1 December 2017

Tech - Art

Today is the last day for art tech. My artwork is 40% finished however I need to a lot of work on it since I've been away for a few lessons. 

What we had to do at tech?
First at the beginning of art lesson we had to draw a few of our cultural patterns and pictures. 
The patterns and pictures were to be divided into 5 boxes or space.
After that step we had to transfer our pictures and cultural patterns to a wooden block. 
Then we had to carve out the pieces that are not important or you don't need them. Then we had to add a paint to it. My first paint was yellow. I think everyone needs to start yellow.
Then I carved out small pieces of yellow that was sticking pieces that I didn't need. 
I kept do this step over and over again. However I had to have different colours after carving everytime. 

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