Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Working Collabrativly - Christmas Around The World - Brazil

This week for inquiry we've been learning about Christmas around the world. Our group selected the country Brazil. We work collaboratively to find information about Christmas in Brazil. I worked with Mia, Miki, Jona and Tai. We found that Brazil Celebrate Christmas in a different day than us interesting because we thought they celebrate Christmas on the same day as us.

What We Had To Do
Our task was to find sites that support our learning about Christmas in Brazil.
The site we used is called "Whychristmas". This site helped us a lot because it had information about Christmas in all the countries around the world.

Since we already found a site, we created a google presentation saying....
Where Brazil is, the directions and also how long it take to go there.
What food they eat in Brazil.
And more.

After we finished the presentation we created a screencastify explaining the learning we did.
We had lots of fun creating a presentation and a screencastify, also we had lots of fun learning about Christmas around the world.

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